You are probably wondering what to expect?

From my 15 years of working as a therapist I can guarantee you’ll feel comfortable and at ease with me within a short time, meaning we can start working productively together quite quickly.

You’ll be able to share honestly what’s holding you back from getting towards where you want to be. I’m a challenging yet very warm therapist who genuinely wants you to achieve everything you’re physically, emotionally and mentally capable of. I will always work at your pace and take together the steps we need to make towards whatever your goal of coming to therapy may be.

Together we will find parts of yourself you’ve been hiding or parts that have been missing in other aspects of your life.

I will help you find the tools and strategies to overcome whatever barriers are hindering you and your development.

Our work together may be tough at times but you’ll feel empowered, embarking on a path of self discovery and fulfillment.

When you feel confident and stronger we will review our sessions together and end therapy. Although, I’m always here if you need a power session to remind you of what you’re capable of and the strategies we’ve used in the past together.